Candidate Statement

I am a nurse who puts my values into action. My involvement in progressive movements transcend two countries and span two decades.I am one of the founders and currently the President of the Filipino Nurses Association of New Zealand, Incorporated and have been with NZNO since 2010. I recognise NZNO’s role in shaping the socio-political climate of New Zealand’s healthcare system and I am keen to commit my time and skills to achieve NZNO’s goals. I am in contact with nurses from various practise areas and I am willing to reach out to more to advocate well for nurses’ interests. I will not hesitate to act on patients’ concerns knowing that patients are someone else’s loved one in a country beset by health budget cuts and potentially, policies that may threaten public health. Through working together, I believe that we in NZNO can achieve greater outcomes for our people.


My involvement with unions transcend two countries. Iwas actively involved in ALL-UP Workers’ Union – Alliance of Health Workers, apublic sector union at the largest Philippine hospital-university system since 1990s. Ihave been actively participating inthe NZNO Infection Prevention and Control College activities since 2013 and in GAR. I recently received a Regional Service Award from GAR for 2016.


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