Statement of experience against criteria in NZNO Constitution


Candidate Name: Monina Hernandez Gesmundo

Statement of experience/skills against criteria in Schedule 4, NZNO Constitution

Engagement with NZNO and commitment to NZNO’s vision:

I am a skilled IQNcommitted to nursing and to be of service to the people of Aotearoa. My presence in the BOD will be important in actively engaging IQNs and in strengthening NZNO further because of my background as a development worker, social activist and educator in the Philippines.

I have beena member of NZNO since 2010, the year I became a registered nurse in New Zealand. I have also been actively participating in the NZNO Infection Prevention and Control (IP and C) College activities since 2013 when I took on the role of infection prevention and control CNS at Counties Manukau District Health Board; and currently with the GAR. I have been a speaker at the Migrant and Internationally Qualified Health Workers Conference at Auckland City Hospital and Diversity Job Fair 2016 at AUT. I have participated in regional meetings, written articles for Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand, and had a poster presentation at the 32nd Conference of the IP and C Nurses’ College of NZNO in Napier. I helped bring together Filipino nurses across New Zealand through the founding of the Filipino Nurses Association of New Zealand, Incorporated (FNANZ) where I am its current President.

I recognise the importance of being organised and, thus promote NZNO membership among nurses, including Filipino nurses and actively invite them to participate in NZNO activities.

I value the strength of a united nursing profession and thus seek every opportunity to encourage nurses, especially those who are new to New Zealand to be organised and to join the NZNO.

My development work among community-based health programmes in the Philippines and advocacy work for human rights helped me gain a deep understanding of indigenous people’s plight. I have a deep understanding of the oppression that indigenous people all over the world suffered from their colonisers and their struggle to regain their rights to their ancestral land. Thus, when I came to New Zealand, I naturally developed a keen interest in helping promote Maori peoples’ rights.

I have a high regard for NZNO’s work towards a true bicultural partnership as guided by TeRunanga o Aotearoa. I believe that Māori members should have a strong voice in the formation of NZNO’s policy at all levels.

I am a consistent believer of shared-humanity and equal opportunities which is in keeping with the TeTiriti o Waitangi. Real development in health should be inclusive and should respect the values, beliefs and aspirations of the Maori people. Inequality should be reduced in all dimensions of human development, more importantly, in health. I actively support campaigns and publicly voice out my opinion to end poverty and to reduce inequalities in Aotearoa.

I am an active contributor in Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand and Kai Tiaki Nursing Research. My profile was featured in the June, 2016 issue of Kai Tiaki Nursing and I published an education article on managing indwelling urinary catheters to challenge nurses to rethink their own practice.

I also recently published my Masters’ thesis at the Kai Tiaki Nursing Research Journal. The Kai Tiaki Nursing Research Journal is an annual-subscription internationally double blinded peer reviewed research journal.

I have other articles that are lined up for publication in the coming months and one that I wrote for the October, 2016 issue of Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand.

I support NZNO’s anti-bullying and harassment policy and I am an active support person for victims of bullying among members of NZNO in other DHBs and facilities. I have worked with NZNO organisers in several cases and have linked possible victims with NZNO organisers.

I am also a member of the Advisory group of the Safer Nursing 24/7 project spearheaded by

Massey University’s Sleep/Wake Research Centre, the School of Nursing and NZNO. Safer Nursing 24/7 is a 3-year project that includes a nationwide survey of all Registered and Enrolled Nurses working at least 30 hours per week in a DHB, in 6 practice areas that have a high risk of fatigue. The survey results will be used to develop tools to manage fatigue in New Zealand hospitals.

In summary, my involvement in the activities mentioned above are in keeping with NZNO’s vision and commitment to the representation of members and the improvement of the health status of all people in Aotearoa.

Understanding of nursing and the wider health sector:

Fulfilment of my responsibilities as a clinical nurse specialist entails leadership and teamwork, networking and promoting initiatives in a complex health care delivery system. Thus, working with local and regional stakeholders is nothing new to me. I have worked with key stakeholders within CMDHB and regionally to establish, maintain and update standards of practice, policies, procedures and guidelines related to infection prevention and control; thus, I believe I can work even beyond this within NZNO in order to put forward NZNO’s mission of improving the health status of all peoples of Aotearoa/New Zealand through participation in health and social policy development.

Business and commercial acumen:

 I have been a director of a private Nursing educational centre in the Philippines for three years prior to coming to New Zealand. This experience has given me an understanding of the internal and external operations of organisations, financial statements, key performance measures and the critical interdependence across roles and functions.


I am an advocate of human rights, social justice and people’s sovereignty. I believe that NZNO’s bicultural partnership will definitely ensure that Maori members will take part in decision-making in all levels of the organisation. Apart from having been a director of an educational centre overseas, I am the current president and one of the founders of the Filipino Nurses Association of New Zealand, Incorporated where governance, supervision, management and control of affairs rest on the management committee.

Finance and legal compliance:I have no financial or legal issues having been compliant in these matters.

NZNO’s commitment to te Tiriti o Waitangi, Tikanga Māori, Matauranga Māori and NZNO’s commitment to bicultural values and the role of Te Rūnanga o Aotearoa:

I have lived and worked with indigenous peoples as a community nurse for several years in the Philippines and I have a deep understanding of the historic injustice that colonisation and dispossession of land has brought upon them. I believe that NZNO’s commitment to te Tiriti o Waitangi and bicultural values is a step ahead in the struggle against discrimination of indigenous peoples. Te Rūnanga o Aotearoa’s role is crucial in ensuring the health and well-being of all people of Aotearoa and I share their professional and industrial aspirations.